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Bead Lock Tire Mounting Instructions

Single BeadLock Tire Mounting Instructions

1. Prepare the hardware
– Each titanium bolt will require a washer.
– Apply anti-seize to each bolt.

2. Mount Tire on Rim
– Inspect the tire bead and wheel flange for any damage, defects, or dirt.
– Position tire over wheel and push lower bead past the flange and as far down the barrel as possible.
– Top bead should lay flat against the bead lock flange.
– Place Beadlock ring over tire bead.
– Install the first 4 titanium bolts with washers in the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock position by hand
– Install the remaining bolts with washers finger tight.

3. Tightening Procedure IMPORTANT!
– Tighten each bolt 3-4 turns in a star or criss-cross pattern with 10mm socket.
– Repeat until tire bead gets compressed and the lock ring is almost in contact with the wheel (do not exceed
15 ft-lbs)
– Torque bolts in a star or criss-cross pattern to 15 ft lbs
– Torque bolts clockwise fashion until they all equal 18 ft-lbs (this may take more than 1 rotation around wheel)

4. Re-check BeadLock bolt torque after first pass and every 5 passes.

5. Inspect ring during every tire installation for bends or distortion. Do not use a
BeadLock ring that is bent or distorted.



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